Props to Aviation Velo

From the Prez

Hi All,

Please read the enclosed newsletter from Jeff Dalik, owner of Aviation Velo in Linthicum, our new sponsor and partner.  Although the announcement of our partnership is first and foremost of interest to us (please look on the right hand column about half way down, to find the article), I was struck by Jeff's letter "Change is good".  In many ways, his story is our story.  It's a story about his love of riding, and how his life has been in so many ways transformed and shaped by the (expensive!) hunk of alloy, plastic and rubber that we all love.  Over the last few years, our Club has also been going through many changes including stiff competition from other clubs, a mass exodus of riders, an inability to recruit a new generation of young cyclists, and a lack of enthusiasm for bike racing.  With Jeff's support, and input from all of you, we are now going down a new, and exciting, path. 

You will soon hear much more about these new changes, which fall into three general categories.

1) A new strong presence using electronic media.  This includes streamlined club membership on BikeReg, a new Facebook page, with both both a hidden (for CW members and close friends) and a public presence.  This will allow unprecedented visibility, and communication.

2) New kit.  We're working with Pactimo, a company based in Colorado, that uses the finest and latest Italian, Swiss and German fabrics, to design a completely new series of winter and summer gear.  The green and orange colors will continue, but I promise you it will not look like the current kit, and will incorporate modern and eye-grabbing designs (hint, remember Rock Racing?).  Stay tuned for more exciting news once I have the design templates.

3). Sponsored races.  The famous Hill Climb up Ilchester will continue this year in its 6th iteration.  I know I can count on you all for race support.  All new this year will be a cyclocross race sometime in the fall, which we hope will attract new riders and increase our visibility in this rapidly growing segment of the bike racing community.

That's it for now, but please join me in extending a warm and heartfelt welcome to Jeff and Aviation Velo.   We're excited to have you aboard!

Your President, 



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